Replacement Projects

A lot of causes can lead to a demand in replacing your heat exchange equipment. Bronswerk Heat Transfer Services is specialized in the following type of replacements.

Like-for-Like Replacements

Aging of your heat exchange equipment demands to exchange your equipment, the process and design conditions are not changed and the current design is fit for purpose.

The old design will be reviewed and tested against the current laws and regulations prior to the start of production.

Metallurgy Changes

A change of process composition and/or conditions can result in accelerated aging of your plant equipment. The effect of, for example, thermal aging on the corrosion resistance can be of catastrophic impact.

In this case action is mandatory, the new proposed base materials need to be mechanically assessed and thermally viewed.

The challenge is the design, which should allow for equal performance and at the same time needs to fit in the available plot space.

Optimized heat exchangers with equal nozzle connections

Did a site survey or assessment judge that the current design is not fit for purpose and is causing too much downtime of your heat exchange equipment, a challenge is born.

You imagine a high pressure gas export cooler on a FPSO, from which the O-ring seals are failing time after time due to explosion after decompression.

We all know that these kind of exchangers are connected by thick and heavy pipes, the pipes are stiff and cannot be adjusted, grinding and welding on gas facilities is not allowed and the available space is limited.

Then an innovative solution and design like our “compact header” is required.

  • Less in weight and dimension
  • Not sensitive to explosion after decompression
  • Maintain nozzle orientation, making grinding and welding unnecessary

Damages after calamity

Replacement projects are not only limited to the delivery of new equipment.

If after a fire your installation is severly damages or even collapsed, the replacement doesn’t end with the heat exchange equipment only.

Whole installations need to be restored into their original configuration.

Bronswerk Heat Transfer Services is specialized in major overhaul projects where all disciplines comes together.  Besides the delivery of replacements, executing the demolishing and re-installation, the following items are taking care of.

  • Delivery & Replacement of the electrical installation
  • Design, supply and installation of the new steel structure
  • Piping, Instrumentation & auxiliary equipment