Bronswerk Heat Transfer Services is specialized in maintenance of heat exchanged equipment and strongly believes in the added value of proper maintenance.

Maintenance programs & Service Level Agreements

Unexpected downtime can lead to undesired production losses and with that loss in revenue.

Our maintenance programs and service level agreements are focused on minimum down time and maximum availability of your plant capacity.


Bronswerk Offsite Monitoring System “BROOM”

One step ahead is our Bronswerk Offsite Monitoring System “BROOM”, we transfer your existing cooler into a “smart” cooler. It gets fully equipped with data measurement devices and keep track on the health of your cooler.

It is an integral system that not only looks at mechanical degradation but also analyzes performance. Combining those figures leads to an adequate solution which guarantees an optimum performance at any time.

Repair at failure & Revamp after Calamity

In case of sudden failure or calamity our skilled technicians and engineers will respond quickly to your needs. Our technicians have a high safety and quality standard and are able to perform the required service in our workshop on your plant location, anywere in the world on- and offshore.

A selection of our activities, but not limited to:

  • Bundle repair and re-tubing
  • Plugging of leaking tubes
  • Welding and weldrepair
  • Restore tube/tubesheet connections
  • Header plug & seal replacement
  • Plughole gasket face lapping
  • Bearing-unit overhaul
  • E-motor overhaul
  • Fan drive replacement
  • Fan blade replacement
  • Fan balancing

Turnaround assistance

During a turnaround or so-called shutdown, besides the number one priority safety, time is the most important factor. After all, every day of stagnation means no income.


Bronswerk can be your one-stop, single-source service provider for heat exchange equipment.

With our extensive engineering knowledge in- and onsite experience of heat exchange equipment we are able to support you with:

  • Engineering
  • Work preparation
  • Test & Inspection plans
  • Pre-production
  • Spare part deliveries
  • Site disassembly and assembly work
  • Leak testing
  • Visual inspections
  • Nondestructive examination
  • Repair proposals/schedules
  • Repair itself
  • Torqueing / Tensioning
  • Pressure testing
  • Commissioning

Interested in any of our maintenance activities, please send your inquiry to