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Air Cooled Coolers, Air Cooled Condensers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers
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    The reliability of heat exchange equipment in industrial installations is crucial. To achieve the highest possible reliability of your plant heat exchange equipment, extensive knowledge in maintaining heat exchange equipment is essential.  

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    Increasing the mean time between failures is for Bronswerk not the only aspect in achieving the highest possible level of availability. It’s all about reaching the maximum up-time in combination with 100% of the designed capacity.

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    Whether it is energy savings, sound reduction or performance of heat exchange equipment, it is often the case that old installations need to be upgraded to be more efficient and meet the latest demands in terms of capacity and/or legal regulations.

Our services

  • Engineering
  • Spares
  • Survey
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Replacement


  • Type of Equipment
  • Material grade
  • Design Codes
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  • Fans
  • Bearing-units & Drive parts
  • Louvres
  • Header Plugs & Seals
  • Gaskets
  • (Finned) tubes
  • And all other related parts


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  • Performance upgrading & debottlenecking
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Sound reduction programs
  • Conditions assessment
  • Mechanical & Rotating integrity inspections


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  • Maintenance programs (preventative)
  • Service Level Agreement (preventative/conditions based)
  • Bronswerk Offsite Monitoring System “BROOM”, (predictive and performance driven)
  • Repair at failure (corrective)
  • Revamp after calamity
  • Turnaround assistance
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  • Cleaning
  • Dry online cleaning of finned tube bundles
  • Reference measurement
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  • Finned tube bundles
  • Heat exchanger tube bundles
  • Fan-units
  • Steel structures
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5 common customer questions


What is the actual status and performance of our equipment?

We receive this question in case the actual design data is not known or the capacity has to be increased. In those cases, Bronswerk executes a survey and reviews the actual field performance of the heat exchanging equipment. Our expertise is within the full range from determining actual status, theoretical study, up to turn-key delivery of the solution including guarantees. We are proud to say that our strength lies in supporting you in finding and solving your (thermal) performance challenge.

How can we comply with the new energy and sound emission rules?

New sound regulations forced our client to take precautions to reduce sound pollution to the environment. They demanded several studies into the effect of using different fans. However, in this case, a different fan reduces the capacity of the unit. Bronswerk executed a survey and advised to adjust the complete air intake section and apply Whizz-Wheel® fans. Bronswerk executes the total stop and guarantees the achievement of the required performance and sound emission values.

How can we increase the capacity of heat transfer equipment in an existing situation?

Due to the change in the process / product, the client was intending to re-use the old condenser. However, due to the end-of-lifetime of the equipment and the inefficient design of the application, Bronswerk Heat Transfer Services took care of the total replacement project with new process guarantees. With this redesign, we were able to reduce the power consumption of the current coolers by 50% by applying a better thermal design that fitted exactly with this application. The scope of the project starts with surveying, thermal design, mechanical design, fabrication, installation (taking the old unit apart and erecting the new unit) up to the final commissioning phase.

How can we avoid reducing production capacity during the hot summer days?

If it is energy savings, sound reduction or performance of heat exchange equipment, it is often noticed that old installations needs to be upgraded to be more efficient in order to meet the latest demands in terms of capacity and/or juridical regulations .

How can we be back in operation as fast as possible after a calamity?

After a calamity, there is always the urgent requirement to be operative again as fast as possible in order to reduce production losses as a result of the damage caused by the calamity. Bronswerk Heat Transfer Services is your partner for repairing calamity projects and taking care of turn-key repair work, including heat exchanging equipment, piping, steel structures and/or other required parts


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